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Politics Towers Above: op-ed by Bob Morgan (American Tower) in The Washington Times (10/23/00)
Tenleytown Community Wants Tower Taken Down: letter from Laura Akgulian (11/1/00)
Tenley Tower Builder Too Big to be Victim: letter from Damian Didden (11/3/00)
Objections Should Be Raised to the Tenleytown Tower: op-ed by Tim Cooper (11/5/00)
Mayor Missing the High-Tech Beat: letter from Robert J. Morgan (American Tower) in The Washington Post (11/17/00)
Thanks for Your Support: letter from Timothy M. Weber (11/23/00)
Objections to the Tenleytown Tower Have No Candlepower: op-ed by Robert C. Cooper (attorney for American Tower) in The Washington Times (11/26/00)
Tenleytown Tower May Be Profitable, But It Will Cost Residents Too Much: letter from Laura Akgulian (1/14/01)
The Towering Impasse: editorial in The Washington Times (11/30/00)
A Matter of Wrong: response by Timothy Cooper [unpublished] (12/00)
The City Where Done Deals Get Undone: op-ed by Robert J. Morgan (American Tower) in The Washington Post (12/3/00)
Developers, Beware: letter from Mark David Richards in The Washington Post (12/20/00)
Mayor's Erratic Decisions Threaten D.C. Business Ranking: letter from William Reed (Business Exchange Network) in The Washington Times (12/6/00)
Tower Backers Sending Out an Ugly Message: column by Marc Fisher in The Washington Post (12/12/00)
Tower of Power: letter from William Reed in Washington City Paper (1/5/01)
Towering Inferno: letter from Timothy Cooper (1/12/01)
Your Money or Your Life: letter from Timothy Cooper in Washington City Paper (2/2/01)
The Hour of the Tower: article by William Reed in The Washington Times (3/18/01)
Who's Looking Out for Us?: response by Timothy Cooper (3/27/01)
Letter from Cheryl M. Browning, President, Tenleytown Neighbors Association (3/30/01)
Tower's Falling Ice Makes Cold Impact: letter from Matthew A. Pavuk in The Northwest Current (1/1/03)