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Letter to the editor, The Washington Post, 11/17/00

Mayor Missing the High-Tech Beat

An Oct. 24 Metro article said that D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams "would like the capital to become synonymous with cutting-edge technology." The article said that the mayor is meeting with high-tech executives in an attempt to attract tech firms to the nation's capital.

In reality, the mayor has turned his back on an effort to bring technology to the District. Last month, he revoked a permit for the construction of a telecommunications tower that would bring wireless technology and high-definition television to the entire District. Although all permits were in order, Mayor Williams halted the tower's construction when a small but politically influential community organized a campaign to tear the tower down.

It is ironic that, as the article noted, the mayor insists that his top aides wear wireless pagers, while at the same time he halts construction on a tower that would have brought the infrastructure required for that technology to the entire District.

Webster, N.Y.

The writer is vice president and general manager of the American Tower Corp.

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Timothy M. Weber, letter to the editor, 11/23/00

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