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Letter to the Editor, The Northwest Current, 1/1/2003

Tower's Falling Ice Makes Cold Impact

There have been two tremendous ice storms in Tenleytown within the last month following snowstorms, as ice fell from the tower located on the roof of the building at 40th and Chesapeake streets.

The ice storm after the November snow began to melt was particularly loud as the ice pinged and ponged off the cars parked on 40th Street and Fort Drive. Hand-sized chunks of ice survived the impact with the ground and sidewalk. The dog and I took an alternate route to Fort Reno Park that day.

Ice fell from the tower again on Christmas Day. Because of the high wind, the ice traveled as far as the swimming pool entrance at Wilson High School, a distance of more than 650 feet from the tower. (The dog and I paced it off.)

The American Tower Co. wishes to complete a large tower on 40th Street. This tower will be the tallest in the region if American Tower prevails in its legal battle with the city. It is well within 650 feet of Wisconsin Avenue. There is a high probability that chunks of ice would come hurtling down on unsuspecting motorists and hapless pedestrians traveling on Wisconsin Avenue after snowstorms begin to melt. This is a recipe for disaster on a busy thoroughfare, and yet another reason why the placement of the tower is ill-advised.

Matthew A. Pavuk

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