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bulletHearings on antenna regulations were held Oct. 17 and Oct. 21; written public comments will be accepted until Nov. 8 at 3:00. Click here for details. 
bulletHearing on Feb. 11 of the DC Council's Committee on Government Operations, which oversees the Office of Documents. Ann Loikow reports that the draft antenna regulations have not been corrected to reflect the Zoning Commission's orders. Click here for more information.
bulletUS District Court Dismisses American Tower's $250 Million Lawsuit Against District of Columbia (Stop the Tower press release, 6/15/01)
bulletMessage from Ann Loikow about the upcoming meeting of the National Capital Planning Commission and draft documents; also information about a meeting of an advisory committee of the Planning Commission


bulletNational Capital Planning Commission meeting, March 12, 2001:
bulletTestimony of Timothy Cooper, President of the Stop the Tower Coalition
bulletTestimony of Stephanie Smith Kinney
bulletD.C. Zoning Commission Roundtable, March 5, 2001:
bulletTestimony of Timothy Cooper, President of the Stop the Tower Coalition
bulletTestimony of Ann Hume Loikow, Second Vice President of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association
bulletLetter from attorney Richard B. Nettler of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. regarding antenna zoning regulations
bulletLetter accompanying submission of videotapes and reports on tower radiation into evidence
bulletLetter accompanying submission of zoning documents into evidence
bulletTower setbacks from schools (Excel spreadsheet)
bulletTestimony of Laura Akgulian

Official documents

bulletATC permit application (3/18/99) [Acrobat format]
bullet Note the handwritten corrections on page 2 (and the warning on page 1 that "erasing, crossing out, or otherwise altering any entered information will void this application").
bulletD.C. Office of Planning memo (4/16/99) [Acrobat format]
bullet This brief memo by transition coordinator John Fondersmith recommends approval of the tower permit application. It contains numerous factual and interpretational errors and is silent on significant points. For instance:
bullet"The new antenna will be used for digital telecasts by WJLA and WUSA television stations." Not true. WJLA and WUSA have categorically stated they had no intention of using the proposed new tower.
bullet"Upon completing the tower, the older towers [i.e., the "three smaller antenna towers" on the site before construction began] will be razed and a total of 169 antennas will be moved from the existing towers to the new tower." Not true. According to the permit application, 31 antennas would be moved and 138 new antennas would be installed.
bullet"The area surrounding the tower contains a number of existing antennas and an approximately 300-foot high antenna tower." The nearby tower used jointly by WJLA and WUSA is significantly taller than 300 feet; the memo is silent on other tall towers nearby: Fox TV (four blocks away) and WRC (Nebraska Avenue).
bullet"[A]n antenna tower for radio and television broadcasting ... is permitted as a matter of right in a C-1 or less restrictive zone district." According to Zoning Commission rulemaking that is binding but not yet reflected in the printed regulations, construction of antenna towers require a special exemption from the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA).
bulletExcept for the brief (and erroneous) mention of 169 antennas to be transferred, the memo treats the tower as exclusively a television and radio broadcasting tower, having nothing to say about the many other transmitters (for cell phones and other wireless services) that would be mounted on the structure. There is much debate in the US and abroad on the safety of cell phones and the siting of the "base stations" (antennas) linking them; none of it is reflected in this memo.
bulletD.C. General Counsel Memo (9/20/00) [Acrobat format]
bulletThe intent of the legislation being enrolled is "to prohibit, on an emergency basis, the issuance of permits allowing the construction or expansion of any telecommunications tower which will reach a height above 200 feet until the Mayor formulates a policy on the location and other parameters for construction of telecommunication structures and the Council has approved the policy; and to declare the sense of the Council on the need to halt the construction of a tower at 4623 41st Street, N.W."
bulletANC 3-C Resolution (9/25/00) [Acrobat format]
bullet A similar resolution was passed by ANC 3-E (the advisory neighborhood commission encompassing Tenleytown and Friendship Heights).
bulletDCRA Press Release (10/6/00)
bullet Explains why the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs had "no choice" but to cancel the permit.
bulletPermit revocation (10/10/00)
bullet Rescinds and cancels the permit for the tower at 4623 41st St. NW.
bulletRecission modification (10/17/00)
bulletGrants American Tower more time to secure the site, which American Tower used to add a strut at the top (to balance the structure), install a red strobe (to ward off aircraft), and plant a big American flag (to make a point).
bulletThe US District Court's opinion and order dismissing American Tower's federal lawsuit (June 14, 2001): web page | Acrobat document (PDF) | WordPerfect document
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